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2121 A.D, with no escape options, Akane prepares for her final battle in the rain-soaked neon streets of Mega-Tokyo. Akane is an arena arcade slasher. Take out as many yakuza as possible, slashing and shooting in a one-hit-one-kill fight to the death.

Music and SFX:

Cybass: https://soundcloud.com/cybass

Akane OST: https://cybass.bandcamp.com/album/akane-soundtrack

Five different types of enemies:

-Yakuza Guy: Yakuza pawn that appears all the time.
-Tank: This enemy is the only one who it's not killed by one hit.
-Shooter: A Yakuza shooter with cybernetic enhancements that never miss his target.
-Cyber Ninja: A ninja who abdicated his body to become a killing machine, his dash is deadly and his defense seems almost impenetrable.
-Boss: Katsuro is Akane's Nemesis which evolves according to the number of times he is killed.

Missions to unlock equipments.

Five types of equipments:

-Different guns.
-Katanas with unique abilities.
-Cigarettes that change the aesthetics of Akane special abilities.
-Gadgets that grant small improvements in combat.
-Boots that change the dash and the way you move on the screen.

Akane Samurai Skills:

-Dragon Slash: Akane dashes forward killing every enemy in her path.

-Dragon Slayer: Akane kills all enemies on the screen.

One single Arena:

-Sprites with lights and shadows.
-Pedestrians and neon advertisements to give life to the scene.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
TagsArcade, Casual, Cyberpunk, Difficult, one-hit-kill, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


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A jewel

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Hi, if I buy the game here, can you give me a Steam Key? I'd like to buy it here because Itch.io takes less money from you than Steam. 

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How. Is. This. Game. So. Good? Seriously the combat is so tight and so much fun. The mortality of Akane really adds to the tension. The quick restart just gives me that "one more game" itch. I have played a couple hours so far but I am easily going to put in 30+ 

This is beautiful!! How long has it been on Itch.io for? For 3.75 it seems like an asbolute steal


I love arena fighters, so this is probably going to be great. Looking forward to seeing how it plays!

I just picked this up on Steam and I absolutely love this game already.